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SOUTHWESTERN GOTHIC - creepy desert towns, navajo legends, flickering neon signs promising “last chance”, that feeling that someone is watching you from the cheap motel hall. rancher and navajo blood fueds, aztec curses and criminals who only come out at night, vanish like shadows and slip over the border like smoke, rumored to something other than human. [ l i s t e n ]

i. grindhouse (planet terror theme) - planet terror OST | ii. ain’t no easy way - black rebel motorcycle club | iii. down in mexico - the coasters | iv. no place to hide (down here) - jace everett | v. i put a spell on you - creedence clearwater revival | vi. wayfaring stranger - neko case | vii. highway 61 - dave alvin | viii. black magic woman - santana | ix. beyond here lies nothin’ - bob dylan | x. ten cent pistol - the black keys | xi. sunshine of your love - ella fitzgerald | xii. good man - heavy trash | xiii. bad moon rising - mourning ritual | xiv. dark night - the blasters | xv. witchy woman - the eagles | xvi. people are strange - echo and the bunnymen | xvii. will there be enough water - the dead weather | xviii. o death - lauren o’connell | xix. red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds 

thenativehueofresolution: 3,5,8,11,21,35,43,48,50. Kinda got carried away, but it is a pretty good series of asks. Also feel free to answer at your leisure.

Oops I forgot this was here, definitely answered “at my leisure”

  • Favorite collaborative song: Cortez the Killer with Warren Hayes
  • Favorite live album: Weekend on the Rocks, for sentimental reasons
  • Favorite cover song: Down by the River
  • Favorite opening act: I’m gonna say Gary Clark Jr. because that was the opening act I experienced
  • One time I shared DMB was in the car with my close friend and neighbor, I showed him You and Me, and I remember him saying that he liked the song but he knew he couldn’t come close to the feeling I get when I hear it
  • I have tried to learn many DMB songs on the guitar, and the closest I’ve ever gotten was #41.
  • Under the Table and Dreaming over Crash.
  • Steve Lillywhite over Rob Cavallo.
  • Don’t Drink the Water over Halloween for sure.

Title: Big Bad Wolves

Artist: Walk the Moon

Played: 87 times


you were named after the bravest man I ever knew, xkit guy potter-

"Peeta and I had adjoining cells in the capitol. We’re very familiar with each other’s screams.”


 That story was just a trick to get you to do something for me.


Alexander Ovechkin introduces his dogs Ghera, Roy, Bertha, Chuck, and Ovi

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Well we would technically only be gaining 5 states, and 55 is a pretty enough number

i’m glad someone around here checks my math

i was just about to say ‘what would happen to the fifty nifty united states song??’ and then i read your tag. great minds truly do think alike

there would probably be riots in the streets based on that consqeuence alone

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